High Scores

We love bowling and want to celebrate the scores of our fans and friends. Below are recent high scores from around the world.

Bowl a perfect game? A personal best? Let us know by submitting your score! You could be featured below, in our High Scores section!

  1. February 27, 2011

    300 and 800

    1. Name: Michael Clemons
    2. City: Casa Grande, Arizona, United States
    3. Location: Cotton Bowl Lanes
    4. League: CGV USBC Open Championship
    5. Ball: Revolver

    I bowled in our town's championship tournament. I bowled a 754 during team event. I then bowled a 300 game and a 803 series during the singles event. I won the all events with a scratch series of 2175 and 2424 with handicap. I Love Brunswick Bowling Balls!

    A photo of Michael Clemons
  2. February 26, 2011


    1. Name: Ben Crites
    2. City: Farmington, New Mexico, United States
    3. Location: Bowlero Lanes
    4. League: Laughlin League
    5. Ball: Loaded Revolver and Damage

    Ben bowled 289 his first game with the Loaded Revolver and followed it up in game two with a 245 and then switched to his Damage and shot a 300 game for a 834 series. He shot a 767 the week prior with his Damage and has had numerous other 750+ series with this ball. His bowling balls were drilled at Bowlero Lanes Pro Shop by Doug Wright.

    A photo of Ben Crites
  3. February 25, 2011


    1. Name: Derek Nyenhuis
    2. City: Grand Rapids, MI, United States
    3. Location: Fairlanes
    4. League: High School Tournament
    5. Ball: C-System alpha-max

    Derek used his Alpha-Max to roll an impressive 751 series during a high school match. On February 15th, Derek used his Wicked Siege to roll his 2nd career 300 game.

    A photo of Derek Nyenhuis
  4. February 23, 2011


    1. Name: Les Yuen
    2. City: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
    3. Location: Century Bowling & Event Centre
    4. League: Wednesday Trio
    5. Ball: Brunswick C-System 3.5

    On the opening game of a five game series, Les bowled his first 300 Game at the Century Bowling & Event Centre. Les used a C-System 3.5 that was layed out and drilled by Martin Chan of Custom Bowling Services inside the Century Bowling & Event Centre. Les will also be awarded a Leather Jacket in recognition of his achievement by Gary Schmaltz, Century Bowling & Event Centre Manager. Congratulations Les on your 300 Game!!!

    A photo of Les Yuen
  5. February 17, 2011


    1. Name: Michael Raquidan
    2. City: Brampton, Ontario, Canada
    3. Location: Brunswick Zone Mississauga
    4. League: Thursday Zoned Mixed League
    5. Ball: Loaded Revolver

    Michael, a Brunswick Regional Staff Member, threw games of 259, 300, 225 for a 784 series using the new Brunswick Loaded Revolver. A pocket 7-10 ended his run for the 800 series, but one will soon be coming!!!

    A photo of Michael Raquidan
  6. February 16, 2011


    1. Name: Chelsey Purdum
    2. City: Grand Rapids, MI, United States
    3. Location: Spectrum Lanes
    4. League: High School Tournament
    5. Ball: Evil Siege

    Chelsey shot her 2nd career 300 game using the Brunswick Evil Siege during a High School Tournament where she represented Kelloggsville High School.

    A photo of Chelsey Purdum