High Scores

We love bowling and want to celebrate the scores of our fans and friends. Below are recent high scores from around the world.

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  1. March 13, 2011

    Advance to ITC

    1. Name: Pikeville College Women's Team
    2. City: Allentown, PA, United States
    3. Location: Allentown Sectional Qualifier
    4. Ball: Brunswick

    The Pikeville College Women's Bowling Team finished second place in the Allentown Sectional Qualifier and advanced to the USBC Intercollegiate Team Championships in Columbus, Georgia. Go Bears!

    A photo of Pikeville College Women's Team
  2. March 11, 2011


    1. Name: Seth Robert Montgomery
    2. City: Hanford, CA, United States
    3. Location: KC Bowl
    4. League: Friday Night Mixed League
    5. Ball: Brunswick Wicked Siege

    I shot 709 with my first full series using my new Wicked Siege.

    A photo of Seth Robert Montgomery
  3. March 08, 2011


    1. Name: Chris Gowen
    2. City: Richmond, Virginia, United States
    3. Location: Shrader Lanes
    4. League: Everette Smith Mixed
    5. Ball: Radical Inferno

    I was on lanes 1 & 2 at Shrader Lanes in Richmond Va, when I had games of 248, 278, 287 for a 813 series.

    A photo of Chris Gowen
  4. March 08, 2011


    1. Name: Brant Brubaker
    2. City: Marion, Indiana, United States
    3. Location: Crest Lanes
    4. League: High Roller Tournament
    5. Ball: C-System alpha-max
    A photo of Brant Brubaker
  5. March 06, 2011


    2. City: DUBAI, DUBAI, United Arab Emirate
    4. League: 2011 1st CONFERENCE LACOSTE CUP

    Its an amazing ball. It helps increase my game. And during the League I know I can again bowled not below 250....and surprised I got 299...missed 1 pin to get it perfect... Brunswick is number one ....

    A photo of DENNIS GUSTILO
  6. March 04, 2011


    1. Name: Mike Boykin
    2. City: West Palm Beach, Florida, United States
    3. Location: Verdes Tropicana
    4. League: Pinticklers
    5. Ball: Black Rhino

    How about a shout out to the "Classic" line of bowling balls? I have been all Brunswick for years, and it is all I own. I just shot my second 800 series with the Black Rhino just over a week ago. The first one I shot years ago with the Black Phantom. It just goes to show you an awesome product never dies...the classic stuff is working for me. Thanks Brunswick for an awesome product over the years.

    A photo of Mike Boykin