High Scores

We love bowling and want to celebrate the scores of our fans and friends. Below are recent high scores from around the world.

Bowl a perfect game? A personal best? Let us know by submitting your score! You could be featured below, in our High Scores section!

  1. April 04, 2016


    1. Name: DAYTON BARNEY
    2. City: Henderson, NV - Nevada, United States
    3. Location: Strike Zone
    4. League: 50 Something
    5. Ball: Brunswick Ultimate Inferno

    One slightly to Brooklyn then 10 to the pit all the way

    A photo of DAYTON BARNEY
  2. April 03, 2016


    1. Name: Clifton l. sanders
    2. City: houston, Texas, United States
    3. Location: Delmar Lanes
    4. League: Inner Loop
    5. Ball: Scholar

    Great ball ! Thanks Brunswick

    A photo of Clifton l. sanders
  3. March 31, 2016


    1. Name: Brandon Hinderer
    2. City: York, PA, United States
    3. Location: Suburban Bowlerama
    4. League: Yorktown Classic
    5. Ball: Brunswick Melee Hook

    Using the Melee Hook for all 3 games, I had 277,279,300 = 856. That is my 22nd 300 game all with Brunswick equipment. Thank you Brunswick for making great equipment, and thank you to Pure It Pro shop for drilling my equipment.

    A photo of Brandon Hinderer
  4. March 25, 2016


    1. Name: Jessica Valentin
    2. City: Norfolk, VA, United States
    3. Location: AMF Norfolk
    4. Ball: Danger Zone Vintage
    A photo of Jessica Valentin
  5. March 24, 2016


    1. Name: Jesse Henderson
    2. City: Holmen, Wisconsin, United States
    3. Location: South Lanes
    4. League: All Star
    5. Ball: Danger Zone Vintage

    300 #15 I believe. All but a couple with Brunswick/DV8 equipment. Love the danger zone!

    A photo of Jesse Henderson
  6. March 20, 2016


    1. Name: David Thies
    2. City: Fort Wayne, In, United States
    3. Location: Thunder bowl Fort Wyane, In
    4. Ball: Mastermind intellect

    Indiana state team event

    A photo of David Thies