High Scores

We love bowling and want to celebrate the scores of our fans and friends. Below are recent high scores from around the world.

Bowl a perfect game? A personal best? Let us know by submitting your score! You could be featured below, in our High Scores section!

  1. October 11, 2014


    1. Name: Bill Bracewell
    2. City: Stuttgart, AR - Arkansas, United States
    3. Location: Enterprise Lanes
    4. League: Arkansas Senior Scratch Bowling Tour
    5. Ball: LT-48 original rubber Ball

    Found 15 lb Original Rubber LT-48 on E-bay for a bargain, displayed for awhile then just had to drill it up, carried a couple of bad hits in the middle, but pretty amazing for an almost 40 year old ball, won my match...

    A photo of Bill Bracewell
  2. October 02, 2014


    1. Name: Adam Baer
    2. City: Hanover , PA, United States
    3. Location: Hanover Bowling Centre
    4. League: W&W Tire
    5. Ball: Brute

    246, 300, 277... The Brute is quickly becoming my favorite ball. This is my 2nd 300 with this ball already!!

    A photo of Adam Baer
  3. October 02, 2014


    1. Name: Adam Baer
    2. City: Hanover, PA, United States
    3. Location: Hanover Bowling Centre
    4. League: W&W Tire
    5. Ball: Brute
    A photo of Adam Baer
  4. September 19, 2014


    1. Name: Brandon Hinderer
    2. City: York, PA, United States
    3. Location: East Lincoln Lanes
    4. League: Doubles tournament
    5. Ball: Royal Blue Ringer

    The first 3 games of the tournament, I shot 300-245-258=803 using the Royal Blue Ringer. Thank you Brunswick for making great equipment and Pure It Pro Shop in Lebanon, PA for drilling my equipment.

    A photo of Brandon Hinderer
  5. September 15, 2014


    1. Name: Roger Harley Jr
    2. City: Landover, MD, United States
    3. Location: AMF Capital Plaza
    4. League: Travelers Mixed
    5. Ball: Mastermind Genius
    A photo of Roger Harley Jr
  6. September 12, 2014


    1. Name: David Roger
    2. City: Paducah, Kentucky, United States
    3. Location: Cardinal Lanes Strike and Spare
    4. League: Friday mixed
    5. Ball: Mastermind Genius

    If you dont have Brunswick in your bag your missing out. These things hit like a mac truck.

    A photo of David Roger