High Scores

We love bowling and want to celebrate the scores of our fans and friends. Below are recent high scores from around the world.

Bowl a perfect game? A personal best? Let us know by submitting your score! You could be featured below, in our High Scores section!

  1. March 27, 2012


    1. Name: Nathan Adams
    2. City: Clinton Township, MI, United States
    3. Location: Fern Hill Lanes
    4. League: Detroit Travel All Stars
    5. Ball: Anaconda
    A photo of Nathan Adams
  2. March 26, 2012


    1. Name: Darren Hayes
    2. City: Coshocton, Ohio, United States
    3. Location: Coshocton Bowling Center
    4. League: Monday Night Trio
    5. Ball: Nexus f(P+F)

    Second 300 in a month with the same ball. Nexus is the best ball I have ever threw. Have to get yourself one of these!

    A photo of Darren Hayes
  3. March 25, 2012


    1. Name: Fero Williams & Kayla Bandy
    2. City: Canton, MI, United States
    3. Location: Super Bowl
    4. League: TNBA Rhodman Tournament
    5. Ball: Versa Max & Nexus Pearl

    Fero won the men's division at the TNBA Rhodman using his Versa Max while Kayla won the women's division using her Nexxus Pearl.

    A photo of Fero Williams & Kayla Bandy
  4. March 23, 2012


    1. Name: Gene Piaskowski
    2. City: Tampa, FL, USA
    3. Location: Pinarama Lanes
    4. League: Friday Night Mixed League
    5. Ball: Nexus Pearl

    Gene bowled a 300 game with his Nexus Pearl that was drilled at Sardegna's Pro Shop in Tampa, FL.

    A photo of Gene Piaskowski
  5. March 22, 2012


    1. Name: Eric Wagoner
    2. City: Baltimore, Maryland, United States
    3. Location: Brunswick Perry Hall
    4. League: Thursday Elite
    5. Ball: Nexus Solid

    Shot games of 298, 289, 236 for an 823 set.

    A photo of Eric Wagoner
  6. March 20, 2012


    1. Name: Rich Plant
    2. City: Woodridge, IL, United States
    3. Location: Brunswick XL Romeoville
    4. League: Sure Fit Tio
    5. Ball: Nexus

    279, 279, 248 = 806. First 800 of my life. Average up over 10 pins in 2 months with this ball. Thanks also to the Sure Fit Pro shop, they are the best.

    A photo of Rich Plant