High Scores

We love bowling and want to celebrate the scores of our fans and friends. Below are recent high scores from around the world.

Bowl a perfect game? A personal best? Let us know by submitting your score! You could be featured below, in our High Scores section!

  1. November 09, 2012


    1. Name: Kevin Fletcher
    2. City: Chelsea, Michigan, United States
    3. Location: Chelsea Lanes
    4. League: Fridays Friends
    5. Ball: Nexxxus

    300 Game with 800 series. 245, 300, 257 for 802 Series. 19 Strikes in a row.

    A photo of Kevin Fletcher
  2. November 07, 2012


    1. Name: Mark McCreary
    2. City: Livermore, CA, United States
    3. Location: Granada Bowl
    4. League: Modified Guys & Dolls
    5. Ball: Aura
    A photo of Mark McCreary
  3. November 06, 2012


    1. Name: Anthony Judd
    2. City: Topeka, Ks, United States
    3. Location: West ridge lanes
    4. Ball: Aura

    First 3 games out of the box. Everyone needs to check out aura it's a sweet rolling ball.

    A photo of Anthony Judd
  4. October 31, 2012


    1. Name: Chris Williams
    2. City: Cranston, RI, United States
    3. Location: AMF Cranston Lanes
    4. Ball: Brunswick Lethal Revolver

    Chris Williams of the RI Flyers Junior League - Scratch Sport Division used his Brunswick Lethal Revolver to roll scores of 257, 277, and 300 for an 834 series. The scores were rolled on the house shot are non-sanctioned unfortunately. But, it does not take away from an outstanding performance from one of the Flyers' standout players. At just 16 years old, we have not heard the last of him yet. Chris' ball was drilled at Strike F/X Proshop inside AMF Cranston Lanes by Fran Varin.

    A photo of Chris Williams
  5. October 27, 2012


    1. Name: mark shackleford
    2. City: burlington, nj, United States
    3. Location: erie lanes
    4. League: saturday mixed fours
    5. Ball: versa max

    was using another company's ball the first game and then the lanes already started transitioning..so i thought the versa max would be great since the lanes were starting to dry up..this ball was just drilled 3 weeks ago with three games on it.... I struck the first 11 and left a 7 pin..go brunswick.

    A photo of mark shackleford
  6. October 26, 2012


    1. Name: Nathan Adams
    2. City: Northville, MI, United States
    3. Location: Cherry Hill Lanes
    4. League: Friday night men
    5. Ball: Aura

    300-279-247 with the Aura right out of the box! This ball is the real deal.

    A photo of Nathan Adams