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Saturday, March 12, 2011 - 12:18 pm

Dick Weber Playoffs

I will be heading to the center to get the Truck ready for the Senior Tour which starts in a few weeks. I will be doing inventory of the balls on the truck and moving them over to a different truck that the PBA takes on the Senior tour. Just some of the little things we do out here that most people don’t hear about. If you are in the Indy area, feel free to come by and give me a hand. Yesterday was a really interesting day in general. We had some great things happen and a few that just didn’t work out well for the team.

As you know, Sean has been around all week without having to compete. He earned the max number of byes because he was in the top five in points. He practiced every day and is throwing the ball very well. He was added into the tournament at 1:00 PM, but didn’t really get to see the shape he wanted. He was executing pretty well, but never got real comfortable. His group was also pretty strong, which included Tom Smallwood, Scott Norton, John Nolen and Steve Jaros. Sean tried several different ball combinations and moved around the lane, but in the end he was one of two players who were eliminated. He just missed getting around Scott for the fourth spot. The rest of our group: Ronnie, Brad, Tom, and Scott Norton advanced to the final round.

During the break we drilled a couple more balls for Scott and Ronnie, trying to give them a couple more options. Scott was using one ball for the most part, the Loaded Revolver. Ronnie was using two Anacondas. I did a pin-down Wicked Siege for Scott, numbers are 35 × 4 1/2 × 65 and his axis point is 5 3/4 over 3/4 up. We also did a pin-up Wicked. Early in the week I mentioned that the cover of the Wicked and Loaded were probably going to play out to be the best option this week and it still seems that way, even this late in the tourney. The number on pin-up Wicked were 45 × 4 1/2 × 35. We also did another Loaded for Ronnie along with a Rattler.

The second half of the break, Ray Edwards, from Brunswick R&D, and I worked with Parker on his game for quite a while. Boy does Ray have a great eye, he has seen Parker bowl for a million years as he was the Tour Rep out here for several years back in the day. Ray is a constant source of great advice for me. Ray noticed something with the lack of pressure Parker was using with his pointer finger in his set up. This was causing his wrist to collapse a little, allowing some shots where the ball got off of the inside of his hand. This causes some shots that the hand gets around too early, even if it stays online, losing carry. This really clicked with Parker and he threw the ball fantastic for the next hour or so.

Going into the 6:00 PM final round to set up the shows, each regional group had 4 players left and three will advance to the show. On our Team, we have Brad in the group. With the big hook guys, the scores will be a little ugly as they will play all over the lanes. The group consists of Belmo, Fagan, Dino and Brad. They really got nasty, but Brad was able to survive using a Loaded and Wicked on the opposite pairs. He did a very good job being patient. As some of you will remember, Brad made the final show last year and that is when the face off with Chris Barnes about the Brooklyn strike occurred. It would be awesome to replay that later in the tourney.

In the East Region we have Smalz and Scott Norton in the same group. That is not good for Sunday, as only one can advance to the semifinal show. But with John Nolen struggling quite a bit they both made it through with plenty of room to spare.

In the only group with all exempt tour players in it is Ronnie Russell, who has had a great week. He needed to get by Jack Jurek, Bill O Neill and Wes Malott. Ronnie dug himself a hole every round, but got off to a great start, leading after game one. They had some real approach issues on the right hand pair, Jack and Wes had a bad start. The approaches did not get much better, which hurt Ronnie’s ability to keep his speed up. He lost control of the pocket, but he came back and by the time they went into the last game he was up by 60 pins over Wes. Wes got a big game going and it came down to the tenth, as Ronnie chopped the four off the seven in the 8th frame and then needed the first strike in the tenth to advance. He did it two previous rounds this week but he was lacking some confidence on this pair. He felt he made a great shot but just didn’t get it done as it went high. Ronnie, the local favorite with the most fan support in the building, was out. He was pretty upset and we sat in the bowlers’ area for awhile just talking about his great year on tour, by far his best. He will finish the year in the top 12 in points and was one of the most consistent players on the tour this year.

So we have Brad Angelo on the first show, which will air next week, and Tom Smallwood on the second show that will air in two weeks. I also hope to have Scott Norton on the same show with Tom. He has thrown nothing but Loaded Revolver and Wicked Siege this week.

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