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Monday, October 31, 2011 - 12:37 pm

2011 PBA Season Preview

We are getting ready to make a lot of noise this year on the PBA Tour.

With the changes we made to our pro staff during the off season, combined with the greatest product in the world, it is time to really show the bowling community that Brunswick is all the way back to number one again, where we should always be. I have been in this industry my entire life and have never felt better about our player and ball line up than I do right now. This is going to be a great year for the Big B.

Leading us again this year is Hall-Of-Famer Parker Bohn III and young star and Masters Champ Sean Rash. Also returning to our team this year, after a great 2010/2011, is World Champion Tom Smallwood. Chris Loschetter returns for his second full season after his best summer ever, winning all over the world. This is going to be a great year for Chris.

In my opinion, we added two of the best players on the tour to our team. Following the great tradition of left handed Brunswick bowlers (Dave Davis, Johnny Petraglia and Parker Bohn III), we have found the heir to the throne. Ryan Ciminelli is already a PBA Champion and has had a great summer with the Brunswick product line. I am very excited to have him with our team and to work with this fine young man. He has won at every level, has a wonderful family and will be part of the Brunswick team for many years.

The second addition is also the greatest bowler of all time. Walter Ray Williams Jr is back where he belongs, with Brunswick. Walter Ray and I have quite a bit of history together and I think he still has a lot to offer to the world of bowling. Matching him with the greatest company in bowling just makes sense to me. This year will not be a repeat of last year I assure you of that. Walter Ray had a disappointing season last year, but he has already won with the Brunswick line this summer.

We have some brand new product coming out during the next few weeks. The headliner is the greatest 1-2 punch in the history of bowling: the Nexus Solid and Nexus Pearl! These balls are going to give us the greatest advantage any company has ever had on the pro tour.

The first TV show (Dec 4) will feature our young gun Sean Rash. Sean will be facing Jason Belmonte and there is already plenty of talk about that exciting event. With the winner of “Bottlegate 2” moving on to face POY Mika Koivuniemi for the World Bowling Tour Title.

I will do my best to keep all of you informed as to how things are going this year. I am also looking for some help loading in 400 balls on Tuesday Nov 1 in Vegas so feel free to come give us a hand after 2.30 PM.

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I hope you all have a great week and thanks for following my blog
Chuck…On The Truck