Part Number
Core Type
PowrKoil 17
Finishing Steps
High-Gloss Polish
10 - 16 Pounds
RG Max
RG Min
RG Differential
RG Average
Center Heavy (1)
8 Cover Heavy (10)
Hook Potential
Low (10)
70 High (250)
Early (25)
155 Long (235)
Breakpoint Shape
Smooth Arc (10)
75 Angular (150)

Power Groove Pink Pearl

Plastic slips. The Groove grips. And grip is exactly what you need to improve your game. When you're ready to step up from plastic, get in the Groove.

Ready to start hooking the ball? Move up from Plastic to Reactive coverstock technology. Compared to Plastic, Reactive coverstock technology increases traction and hooking action in the oil, and Reactive coverstocks can be sanded or shined to create large differences in hook potential. Reactive coverstocks also respond more aggressively to dry lane surfaces than Urethane coverstocks, increasing backend hooking action and hitting power.


All Power Groove Reactive balls feature a factory polished version Brunswick’s popular PowrKoil 17 Reactive coverstock. Factory polishing helpes create a more skid/snap reaction that saves most of its hooking action for the back part of the lane. First used on the Sapphire Zone, PowrKoil 17 is the strongest Reactive coverstock ever used on a Groove class ball.


The Power Groove Reactive group feature Brunswick’s DISC (Differential Increasing Side Cylinders) core technology which provides:

  • The largest track flare potential of any ball in its class.
  • Consistent track flare potentials at all weights from 12-16 pounds.
  • Larger, more consistent pin-out distances at all weights from 12-16 pounds.
  • A more driller friendly design. The precise geometric placement of high density side cylinders maximizes the increase in Track Flare Potential while maintaining dynamic symmetry for easy drilling.
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“On your follow-through, make sure your elbow reaches the height of your shoulder before it bends.”

— Johnny Petraglia

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